Don’t Wake the Bear is an excellent stand-up comedy download or CD you will never get tired of playing.

Dan Cummins is funny from beginning to end on this album. He cuts a wide swath of topics from gun control to what happens when you sleep naked and closes with a bedtime story for modern times and realistic parents.

All the routines on this comedy download or CD are rock solid. My personal favorite is The Binky Queen, a story about how clever his daughter was at making sure she had a ready supply of binkies (pacifiers) on hand when her day care center banned their use. Dan Cummins very smartly points out that what binkies are is cigarettes for babies.

Also impressive is how structured this stand-up comedy album is. A bit on being called for jury duty and getting out of it segues nicely into a surreal and extremely funny bit on gun control and how to make an entire gun store totally uncomfortable with the idea you want to buy a gun (it involves a dead squirrel and a ferris wheel).

If you know anyone who has no social manners, send them You Get the Right Half. It is an excellent bit on respecting social conventions for the good of all.

Material about a comic’s relationship is usually on the “I love her but we are total opposites” spectrum. That is the case here too. Dan Cummins just makes it better than most though I am never  a fan of the playing a phone message from your wife set-up as it is usually not clearly audible.

Dan Cummins
Stand Up Comedy download and CD
LoudMouth Entertainment 2016


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