I have had this stand-up comedy CD on my desk for about four or five weeks now. I have listened to it at least twice a week for review purposes. All I can say about Al Madrigal Half Breed is it is decent stuff. Don’t ask me why I think that though because I forget the material on this comedy CD almost immediately.

Al Madrigal Half Breed is mainly biographical comedy. It is easy to see the routines are tight and generally well written. I was however bummed by the opening track where the stand-up comic mentions the old baby is trying to kill the new baby and then does not do anything with it. Instead, he goes for pregnant wife material.

Bits about Burger King, how Latinos are taking over because Mexicans will never say no to sex, and being of mixed race are decent but not particularly different. Better is the bit on Madrigal and his wife, a mixed mixed race couple, going to Dollywood.

Personally, I would have liked it if Madrigal had done more with going to French school in San  Francisco when he was young. The routine itself is pretty good but the premise is stronger than the punchline.

A good bit is about vacationing in Mexico and Chicklet boys. The set up for He Doesn’t Speak Spanish with the Spanish language CDs is very good and the routine about being a comic who doesn’t speak Spanish at an all Latino show quite good and a nasty slam of Carlos Mencia.

My favorite bit on this stand-up comedy CD is the one about going to the beach and brining sand toys (see the YouTube clip). This is original stuff indeed.

Al Madrigal Half Breed is a decent comedy CD but unfortunately not a particularly memorable one.  Stand Up! Records has lots of great comedy downloads and Cds, check out our page

Half Breed
Al Madrigal
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2009
45 minutes

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