Sinbad fans will probably enjoy his latest stand-up comedy DVD but Make Me Wanna Holla is not going to get him many new fans.

Sinbad is a funny guy but a very unfocused funny guy. This means the premises take a while to develop to a punch line if they do at all. Some call this free flow, I call this messy.

Make Me Wanna Holla opens and closes with a musical number. They are good but more the comic indulging himself. Sinbad does material on how broke Detroit is, Trayvon Martin, white kids acting black and black kids acting white, a piece with very local references, and others.

The better bits are about TV now and then and kids now and then but maybe that is because I am the same age as the comic.

Sinbad likes to ask the audience questions to get it more involved in his material but more often than not forgets to repeat the answer so everyone can know what he is responding to.

The show closes with a promising bit about his father who was a reverend but a lot of it gets diluted in the many asides he throws in.

This comedy DVD did not make me wanna holla but it’s decent. Check out our Comedy Central page for all their CDs and such

Make Me Wanna Holla
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central 2014

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