Andy Ritchie (RIP) is a great blend of goofy observational humor and edginess.  He is able to keep a likeable, silly on-stage persona while still being able to tell jokes about sex, racism, and war, something that is very hard to do.  Because this stand-up comic can be both light-hearted, and just slightly controversial, he makes himself very relatable to the every-man.  You want to like him.  It is with this attitude that makes King Ding-A-Ling a very enjoyable from start to end.

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Ritchie takes his material both from the absurd (neighbors losing their pet falcon and pranks to pull at a funeral) to the real-world (drunk girls trying to talk dirty and pseudo-medicine).  He has a very ordinary delivery style that compliments the relatable demeanor he is trying to pull off.  This album is incredibly consistent; every track contains some material that will make you laugh out loud, but the best part of this stand-up comedy MP3 album and CD is the track titled Candy and Pills.  There are very few lulls in his act, which keeps the audience and listener engaged in the material throughout the set.

There are parts of this album that show Ritchie’s experience as well.  There are a few times when he makes obscure references that are clearly either lost on or just unfunny to the audience, and there are instances where the joke was not as successful as he wanted to.  Nonetheless, he flawlessly avoids disaster by being able to poke at himself and keep the environment light as he transitions into the next portion of his set.

All of that being said you can’t go wrong with Andy Ritchie King Ding-A-Ling for a good time and a well-constructed stand-up set.

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King Ding-A-Ling
Andy Ritchie
Stand-up Comedy MP3 and CD
Stand Up! Records 2011

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