Ryan Singer’s first stand-up comedy MP3 album and CD has something for every adult fan of stand-up and, as he puts it, a few dick jokes if you get lost.

Not that he is a dick joke kind of comic. Singer is an immediately likeable comic who cuts a wide swath topic wise including a bit about Neanderthal man in the original Neanderthal. MP3 album at Amazon

This CD also includes a bit of redneck humor with Man Bits, a novel one about the comic’s biological clock ticking, and one titled Voice Inside My Brain about the dichotomy between what Singer’s hears inside himself and what he is really thinking, “Nothing sexier than a fully covered woman.”

There is not a single bad or low moment anywhere on this comedy CD. I did wish Ryan Singer had done a bit more with cock-blocking for his mom but that’s why he’s the pro and I am the reviewer.

What really stands out on Ryan Singer‘s Comedy Wonder Town is the hopefulness of Singer’s material and his positivity on certain topics.

Comedy Wonder Town: Population growing and growing and growing.

Comedy Wonder Town
Ryan Singer
Stand-up MP3 album and CD
Stand Up! Records 2012

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