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This review is definitely a little unfair. (One) is the first independent comedy cd release by Tom Simmons. The problem is this reviewer listened to Live! McCurdy’s Comedy Theater (Tom Simmons’ third comedy cd) and Next (One), the second cd released by the same stand-up comic. Logically, (One) pales in comparison.

(One) is the weaker release of the three mostly because of the sound quality. There is nothing more annoying than having to constantly adjust the volume while listening to a comedy cd because the comic is either too far away from the mike or is so close to it it pops and screeches. Those familiar with Next (One), the follow-up comedy cd will recognize some of the material on (One) which, to a comedy fan, is also a bit annoying. There is not enough crossover material to make this first independent comedy cd release by Tom Simmons not worth getting but it is still a somewhat questionable decision.

Tom Simmons is an observational comic who also goes for the odd relationship bit here and there. As a first comedy cd (One) is solid -if you can forgive the sound issue. The political bits are funny, topical, and relevant. The comments on how modern progress, the space station and our priorities (tracks 10 to 12) are interesting and Tom Simmons’ funny story about a married couple on the space station is very original and funny.

Simmons also manages to make the debate about the rebel flag emblem on state flags funny while still getting a point across. You would think making jokes about child hostages would be hard to do but Tom Simmons manages, again, to be funny and yet make you think.

(One) has probably the only really funny skit about tipping the wait staff at the comedy club. Usually, this standard comment by the stand-up comic is as relevant as “It’s nice to be here in insert name of town here!” but Simmons is at least original.

(One) is overall a good first comedy cd. However, those unfamiliar with the stand-up comedy of Tom Simmons will be happier with Live! McCurdy’s Comedy Theater where both the stand-up comic and the producer/sound engineer are at their best.


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