Spending about a year taking my wife to hospital for surgery, chemo, radio, blood work etcetera provided a good grounding for listening to the musical comedy CD called Sick Humor by Carla Ulbrich. You don’t have to have experienced illness close hand to get the humor – it is there for anyone who listens and has a funny bone.

This comedy CD is a collection of songs which outlines experiences patients go through at various points in their treatment. Ulbrich herself has suffered through a stroke, kidney failure and the associated treatments which can either make you bitter or make you laugh. It is clear from this comedy CD that Carla Ulrich has chosen the latter. There is nothing on this CD that would offend anyone – except perhaps some physicians – but there is plenty to entertain including the gifted voice and talented guitar work of Ulbrich herself.

The success of the humor of this independent release funny song CD lies in the continuity – the believable thread of having to laugh because it is better than crying. There are few belly laughs, but lots of smiles. This is definitely a worthwhile investment for anyone who enjoys musical comedy or who has had to spend (or will have to spend) a lot of time sitting in waiting rooms and getting treatments and drugs they cannot pronounce.

Curiously the original songs which lend music and appeal to the parodies are not given anywhere on the CD nor in the CD insert. It may have been an oversight, but a little of giving credit where credit is due seems to be in line. Here is the Carla Ulbrich CD line up with a nod to the original songs.

Sick Humor
Carla Ulbrich
Musical comedy CD
Independent Release


1. Sittin’ In The Waiting Room (To the tune of Lloyd Price’s “Personality”)
2. On The Commode Again (To the tune of Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again”)
3. Patient 2946065 (To the tune of Tommy Tutone’s “Jenny (867-5309)”)
4. Prednisone – (To the tune of Kenneth J. Alfords “Colonel Bogey March” which some may remember was whistled and made famous in the movie Bridge Over The River Kwai)
5. Little Brown Jug (Obviously to the tune of Joseph Winner’s “Little Brown Jug”)
6. (I’m A) Specialist (To the tune of Kelly Rowland’s “Make You Wanna Stay”)
7. The Colon (To the tune of the theme of “The Love Boat)
8. What If Your Butt Was Gone (A parody of one of her own songs with a bit of “Turkey In The Straw” thrown in)
9. (Happy To Be) Stuck By You (To the tune of Huey Lewis’ “Happy To Be Stuck With You”)
10. I Got Tremors (To the tune of Louis Armstrong’s “I Got Rhythm”)


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