Huh? Was my first reaction to Der Humor, a 2 CD or 150 track MP3 stand-up comedy album by Chuck Bartell.

Wow! Was my second impression and that is the one that stuck. Bartell seems to be voicing his inspired and very funny one-liners through a puppet of some kind, perhaps the clown on the cover of his CD. It takes a little getting used to but after that you just enjoy how funny this guy is.

The tracks on this CD are in alphabetical order from Abortion to Jehovah’s Witness and from Jesus to Wheelchairs, which is the longest at a minute forty-one. Chuck Bartell has an adult, dark sense of humor and a very wide range. He goes from odd observations that in a world where everybody is starving for attention you would expect to see more unicyclists, nasty bits on JFK or Hellen Keller, to the nature of karma.

His type of humor is just as varied. There is the verbal Black History momf to the more visual idea of lying down in front of a blind guy a few times in a row just to mess with his mind or the rather clever bit on the dodo.

Der Humor by Chuck Bartell is a comedy CD set anyone who likes something different when it comes to stand-up will enjoy.

Der Humor
Chuck Bartell
Stand-up Comedy CD or MP3
Independent Release 2013

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