Cajun Queen Caroline Picard is back with My House My Rules, another excellent stand-up comedy CD not for the faint of heart.

Now that she is menopausal, her caustic wit now has acid dripping from it and her razor sharp tongue lashes out at everything and everybody that makes her life more complicated. Caroline Picard is a comic who takes on the pope, old and new, and Oprah and other sacred cows. If you thought hurricane Katrina could do a lot of damage, you haven’t been a target of this stand-up comic.

Picard, who opens for Ron White of Blue Collar Comedy and is heard on XM Comedy radio, is a great observational comic. Her routine, Just Take A Pill, is the best bit on all those TV marketed drugs I have heard. Also excellent on My House, My Rules is her bit on how much we have too much stuff. Her mental leap from feminine hygiene products to Buffalo wings is enough to make your head spin. If the Cajun Queen is so adept at sharing her feelings it may be because there are Too Many Women’s Shows. I really enjoyed her take on why there are no minorities on Lifetime’s movie cause of the week.

If that was not enough to drive this stand-up comic crazy and give her the munition she needs to shoot from the hip, society itself is doing a good job of creating the speed loader she needs. I also agree with Caroline Picard we have too much stuff and not enough common sense.

Now that she is in her very late forties (I am playing it safe in case she decides to turn her sights on me) Picard does what a lot of old people -oh well-do and complain about today’s generation. Anyone with a teenager will find this material extremely funny and wonder if someone is spying on them. This material is the core of My House, My Rules and those tracks alone make for a great comedy stand-up comedy CD.

I am less impressed with listening to her plugging her first CD which is probably why the California Hates Me bit does not float my boat. She does close strong and blue with I’m Momma’s Age

My House, My Rules is a stand-up comedy CD you do not want to listen to while driving unless you have really good insurance

My House, My Rules
Caroline Picard
stand-up comedy CD
Independent Release
53 minutes

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