Caroline Picard is a straight from the bayou, redneck, blue collar, foul-mouthed, take no prisoners, call ‘em likes she sees ‘em stand-up comic with the bite of an alligator and the attitude of someone who knows what she is doing and has long made peace with the fact she is not going to get her own sitcom so she doesn’t have to play nice. Everyone and everything is fair game to this very funny lady and this makes for one hell of a stand-up comedy CD.

There is not doubt the parental advisory label on this funny CD should be a little bigger. Even a fairly liberal minded listener will wince at the copious amount of swearing in his live comedy set. Fortunately, Picard gets away with it. Not only because the first thing she does is warn you this is how she works but also because you quickly realize she is not swearing to compensate for weak material. Her standup routine is funny to start with and the language becomes part of it.

There are not that many comedians over 50 who are still funny. There are even fewer comediennes over 50 who are that good. This self-proclaimed Cajun queen is the exception to the rule. Amazingly enough, this reviewer, who fancies himself a stand-up connoisseur, only recently discovered Caroline Picard although she has been on the comedy circuit for some twelve years and I definitely feel I have been missing out.

On Just Running My Mouth, and lord knows she is, Caroline Picard covers the fact she is going through menopause, cannot possibly understand people who are into body piercing, or children who live at home past their welcome, comes from both Louisiana and Texas (a nasty mix), just doesn’t get Mardi Gras in New Orleans, believes there hasn’t been any good country music or rock and roll since the early eighties, that preachers are hypocrites but the ten commandments are the basis of our society, and that America is number one.

Again, this is a great stand-up comedy CD as long as you are not particularly sensitive to language.

Caroline Picard
Just Running My Mouth
stand-up comedy CD
Laughing Hyena 2005
52 minutes
Parental Advisory

Track list:
1- Introduction
2- Sweating Like a Pig
3- Elvis Has Left the Planet
4- Body Piercing
5- Holidays
6- Chasing Him With Roman Candles
7- A Man With a Mustache
8- You Breed Them; I Beat Them
9- If You Can Talk, You Can Pay Rent
10- It Sucks To Be A Yankee
11- Louisiana and Texas
12- We Are Acting Like A Superpower
13- Last Call in New Orleans
14- Drink From the Hose
15- Country Music and Rock & Roll
16- Ozzie, You’re Dead, Fall Down
17- Ten Commandments
18- Pledge of Allegiance


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