Alive From Martha s Vineyard
Charlie Nadler
Stand-up comedy album
Independent Release 2015
Available through comic s website.

The money from Charlie Nadler Alive From Martha’s Vineyard stand-up comedy album is going to a charity called Alex’s Place.

That’s nice but whatever. What is reason enough is Nadler gives a solid and very entertaining half-hour performance. The donation seems to be a voluntary amount, I suggest the 9.99 you would pay for an mp3 album on Amazon.

Nadler is a biographical comic with some observational tones. It is to his disadvantage on this album that the audience seems to be seated in an adjoining room. You do not really hear it laugh as much as it should have and it seems to be a little dense.

The first segment of the show centers around money. Nadler does not have much, people will say anything to make their product sell, and some people create bizarre jobs like origami tutor.

Also is the bit on media inflating things to make them interesting and trying to have as many product placements as it can. I loved his take on how parents are invading their childrens’ Facebook pages as a form of revenge for past misdeeds. I wished he’d done more with the Hanukkah Joe but I wish he’d done less with the fart bit.

There is also a good relationship segment and odds and ends of other topics.

This release is sort of a calling card for Nadler. I look forward to a longer, more elaborate album.

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