charlie nadler cd cover

Debut Second Album
Charlie Nadler
Stand-up Comedy download album
Independent Release 2016
Available at comic’s website

I would pay good money to see Charlie Nadler live. If you pay good money to get his Debut Second Album comedy download at his website you will not only get thirty-some minutes of solid stand-up but the money will go to Alex’s Place in Oak Bluffs, MA so you can feel good about donating too. Most important for this reviewer though is you are getting solid comedy for your buck.

Nadler is a biographical comic with a talent for some very funny phrases like “I feel over the hill but at the same time I never felt on the hill so I guess I must have tunnelled through the hill.” There are many such moments on this album.  listeners are going to learn them so they can drop them at an appropriate time in a conversation.  I know a few people who will steal “I come from a long line of hunter gatherers because it feels like second nature to hunt for dead-end jobs and gather unemployment money.”

Charlie Nadler Debut Second Album is a very good comedy download from start to finish. In reviews I often include a personal favorite track and here it is Miniature Gentrifiers, a bit about baby videos could use some editing and how babies gentrify their parents. I really, really wish Nadler had explored this premise much further.

I am not sure if Nadler’s premise of both his parents being magicians is true but if so, I again wish he had gone further with it that the excellent punch line it sets up.

The only negative comments I have about Debut Second Album are Nadler often ends a sentence in question form and I wish the album was longer so there would be more to enjoy.

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