Amy Schumer Mostly Sex Stuff opens with an animation featuring a Red Riding Hood costumed Schumer, phallic mushroom, and unicorns fornicating. It is most appropriate for this innocent looking but adult topic, explicit comic. The question for comics who push the envelope is Is there something in it? In Schumer’s case there is but it is nothing particularly memorable or original. This is a disappointing stand-up comedy DVD. (Another reviewer had a different take here).

I’ve always found it a bit lazy and disrespectful when a stand-up comic repeats material from one release, the CD “Cutting”, on another. On Amy Schumer’s Mostly Sex Stuff it is just  –I think– the opening joke about sleeping her high school crush who is still in high school, but it put me off and I kept wondering if other material was not warmed over. Oh, there’s also the bit about walking in on her boyfriend masturbating. And there’s the bit about being surprised by an uncircumcized penis

The biggest problem with Mostly Sex Stuff is the pacing. Schumer is so low energy you sometimes get the feeling she is bored delivering her material. She is not the only one.

Special features on this Amy Schumer stand-up comedy DVD are a clip from the Charlie Sheen and Roseanne Barr Comedy Central Roasts. Both highlight the weakness of the Roasts in that a lot of the performance is about the other people on the dais.

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Mostly Sex Stuff
Amy Schumer
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central 2013

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