Christopher Titus is a smart, brutally honest comic whose biographical comedy is as funny as it is able to move. This review of his second Comedy Central stand-up comedy CD Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding is somewhat if not very tainted by the fact I listened to his third release, the brilliant Love Is Evol (Comedy Central 2009) before this 2008 release.

In retrospect, Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding serves as a bridge between the first Christopher Titus CD, The 5th Annual End of the World Tour and Love is Evol. The second half of World Tour was focused on Titus’ childhood and his relationship with his dad and this is how this second 2 CD set opens. This release closes with dysfunctional relationship comedy and thus hints at the very dark abusive relationship material on Love Is Evil.

Make no mistake though, this Titus 2 stand-up comedy CD set is solid. One of the many things that make Titus such a great comic is his ability to be honest about his own and many shortcomings and he does this again on Norman Rockwell. Titus is one of few comics whose humor is not based on how stupid or insane the world around him is but on how dysfunctional he is in what is basically a functional world.

Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding by Christopher Titus is a must have Comedy Central CD if you already own The 5th Annual End of the World Tour and Love Is Evol. As an introduction to stand-up comic Christopher Titus, the other two releases are a bit stronger.

Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding
Christopher Titus
Stand-Up Comedy CD
2 Discs
Comedy Central Records 2008

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