Creator, I Am But A Pawn is a brilliant performance and stand-up comedy download by comic Glenn Wool.

Autobiographical stand-up is a dime a dozen, especially lately. Glenn Wool on the other hand uses this material to paint a much bigger picture that cannot but resonate with the listener. Creator, I Am But A Pawn is what real stand-up comedy is all about.

The thread on this concept album is the “little voice inside your head”. Wool wonders if it is your self talking to you aka your conscience, an evil or angelic presence of some kind your id, or the manifestation of a greater power. All this through the telling of original adventures and observations. The comedian does not answer the questions because as he says if he did “this would be a much larger venue and you would pay a lot more to get in.”

Creator, I Am But A Pawn opens with some standard fare aka airplane material. Wool’s is good but I am convinced he used a couple of the jokes on a previous album. The bit “The Futility of Awards” is superb and shows rockers are just as overly sensitive as the PC police.

Things get a lot more interesting when Glenn Wool talks about his visit to Hiroshima and an encounter where his inner voice got him, once again, in trouble.

The heart of this comedy download is the stories about cycling through Holland and Estonia. This is where Wool makes an interesting point about how your inner voice / religion and your GPS gadget should be treated the same way. It is quite true if you ask me.

His story about going back to the village in Estonia where his father came from is superb.

Creator, I Am But A Pawn closes with a philosophical bit that explains the title of this stand-up comedy download.

One thing though, Wool’s oft declamatory delivery style does take some getting used to. It is well worth the effort.

Creator, I Am But A Pawn
Glenn Wool
Stand-up comedy download
Stand Up! Records 2019

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