At a time when stand-up comedy downloads are 9.49 a dozen and comics even less, Katie Compa Hard Pass stands out for its originality.

The material is, as is the norm now, very biographical. Fortunately, Compa has an interesting life and her stories are mostly nothing you have ever heard before.

Hard Pass starts out well with a story about being passed over for a threesome. It gets stronger when Compa talks about foreign words we should adopt. It is just under three minutes and excellent but I wish the comic had pushed this topic further.

After bits on the origins of the Icelandic people, the lack of women on American money, and sex ed in Sweden, Katie Compa gets more personally biographical with material on growing up in a feminist family. The bit about being left on her own after softball practice is another favorite.

Katie Compa feels she is going against societal norms by not wanting to have kids and this makes for some solid laughs. One of the punchlines in Sales Pitch is superb.

The relationship bits on Hard Pass are not as strong as the rest of the material but stronger than what you normally get from comics these days. This said, Checking the Boxes about a visit to some married friends simply kills.

Hard Pass ends with a longish bit and very funny about being in a bachelorette party and Bjs.

The show ends rather abruptly as of Compa is getting the red light. This is rather messy on an otherwise solid comedy download.

Hard Pass
Katie Compa
Stand-up comedy download
Little Lamb Recordings 2019

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