Baby Teeth
John Beuhler
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release 2003

John Beuhler is a very funny guy. His first stand-up comedy CD Baby Teeth has excellent flow and variety. The audience for this performance could not stop laughing and neither will you. Beuhler does smart, sometimes raunchy, original, inventive, stand-up that flows as smoothly as lies on a politician’s lips. Aside from how funny the comic is what impresses is the variety of material on this CD. There is not a single low in this show

Baby Teeth opens with a raunchy pick up line. At first it feels out of place but you then realize he is subtly setting the tone for some of the more adult but not mean material to come. This then segues into a bit titled Lame Canadian Jokes; the jokes are of course not lame.

John Beuhler does very short one or two line bits that invisibly flow into another. The six-minute Reefer Bit covers pot, potheads, BJs, women being allowed to be topless / topless bank robbers / guys with big cars, nude beach, Nunavit and Eskimo kids pretending they are Black, and teaching first grade.

Beuhler is a rapid fire comic who never loses the audience. Other short bits that stood out, among many, are a gay bit, not having money when you go to the ATM, the positive aspects of having a sniper in your hometown, getting your Tarot read, high school vampires, and being single which Beuhler makes funnier than most.

Also on this stand-up comedy CD is a good set of dick jokes where Beuhler manages to be adult but not crude.

This being a 2003 release, some of the references (Osama, Titanic, a bad exchange rate with the Canadian dollar) are a bit dated. It does not really matter.

John Beuhler Baby Teeth closes with a solid bit on porn and variety in your relationship.

This is really good stand-up comedy.

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