50 some minutes
Absolute Parental Advisory
Available at comic’s Website

It Is Only Going Down From Here if the weirdest, most daring, sickest, absolutely hilarious at times, most aggressive, bombing badly, in your face, stand-up comedy CD ever release independent or not. It is a bootleg recording of a show Canadian comic Darren Frost recorded in Kingston, Ontario. Whatever you think of it, it is a safe bet because Frost has a money-back guarantee on this independent release comedy CD so you have nothing to lose.

The story behind this funny CD  is this comic has a reputation of going way over the line depending on how the crowd reacts so he started to record his sets to cover his ass with comedy club owners and bookers. This particular show is so great and so beyond good taste “I’m having more fun than a pedophile in a wading pool, folks.” it’s, well, the expression is not even funny, but it most definitely is.

It is hard to tell who should get the credit for this over the top performance. Should Darren Frost be applauded for being so quick-witted and on the ball for almost an hour or should the credit go to the drunken, rowdy audience for getting in the stand-up’s face time and again, forcing him to react and fight back. If you’ve ever wanted to see what it’s like to use a nuclear weapon to swat a fly, this is the cd for you.

But not only is Frost good at getting in the audience’s face, they started it, but the range of his humor is amazing: religion, shopping for condoms “cleanup on aisle six”, the day the raccoon died, giant head baby, giving a urine sample to your friend going on a job interview -and how to keep it at body temperature–, and there’s more and sicker. His only real flaw is calling audience members “big shooter” constantly so it gets on your nerves.

Sound wise, even if this is a bootleg recording so the cd is not the perfect auditory experience I always bitch about when I do not get it, it is in many ways superior to some major label releases I have heard in the past. Anyways, there’s a money-back guarantee so what have you got to lose?

By the way, Frost’s website is really cool and a great way to kill some time.


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