Rob Little comes across as a friendly, adult yet mildly so stand-up comic on this funny CD.

His voice, delivery, and energy will remind some of Howie Mandel without the audience interaction. His forte is biographical comedy and even when he talks about flashing his johnson at Mardi Gras in New Orleans or getting intimate there is something harmless about his humor and tone that definitely works where other comedians would just sound crude.

Born: 20 Inches Long is about 40 minutes long and there is not a bad track on the entire independent release comedy CD. There is also something of the college party animal persona in this comedian’s act that he somehow manages not to make sound immature even when some of the material, like wearing a thong, might sound like it. Like many other comics, Little does material about Cops (the TV show) and general observational humour but his best stuff is about his relatives. From becoming an uncle, to his gay aunts, the squirrelly uncle, and the very original bit about his grandmother and her various walkers, you can see where this guy got his sense of humor.

This independent comedy CD ends with a series of tracks featuring relationship jokes about catching your girlfriend in the act and breaking up with her drive-by style and then cuts to a deleted segue to jokes about pet fish and pet names in relationships. It is here the flaw in this funny CD shows most. You get the distinct feeling parts of the set were deleted by somebody so the jumps from track to track are somewhat jarring. Then again, perhaps Rob Little’s strength is not the segue.

Do not let the poor sound quality of the first twenty seconds or so of this CD turn you off Rob Little‘s self-release CD. The sound definitely improves and is better than average for an indie comedy CD.

Born: 20 Inches Long
Rob Little
stand-up comedy CD
Independent Release
40 minutes

Track List:

Mardi Gras
Mexico and Fiesta
Senor Frog’s
Summer Thong
Baby Brady
Divorced Parents
Squirrelly Uncle
Gay Aunts
Chubby Kid
Tae Bo
Cheese Capital
Computer Indian
Cop Ride Along
Catching Her
Getting Intimate
Drive By Breakup
Cichild Attack
Pet Names


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