based on a true story is a very good, almost excellent stand-up comedy CD and MP3 album.

Dave Fulton is an American comic who has spent a good deal of time in England and has come back to the U.S to share what he has learned there and over the years. If you like intelligent, acerbic stand-up you are going to very much enjoy this comedy download. This is another very good Stand Up! Records release

Fulton has very varied material. Being a fan of long form storytelling, I am very partial to track 12, “Subsidizing My Career” a very, very funny bit about the comic’s stoner days and his adventures involving coke, crystal meth, and a .45.  The London stories are also very good.

The “almost excellent” is because Fulton has five-year old Obama references and an even older George Bush bit. They are funny and make up only 8 minutes of this 56-minute comedy album but there is something a little lazy about not taking the time to tweak these bits so they do not sound dated on a 2013 release.

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… based on a true story
Dave Fulton
Stand-up Comedy download CD
Stand Up! Records 2013

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