Nate Craig Infinity is a very good stand-up comedy mp3 album.

Craig is a biographical and observational comic whose bits usually last under two minutes. This means there are a lot of different ideas on this 55-minute album. There is not a weak moment in Infinity. At the same time, although some of the bits here are not your usual comedy fodder, it is hard overall to differentiate Nate Craig from any other good comic with some adult material.

Especially good on Infinity are the recession bit about investing in gold, the argument the comic had with his mother about women in the NBA, his inner voice after food poisoning, and a visit to a very hip Black doctor.

I found myself rather disappointed when Nate Craig did not really expand the couple of bits about his mother. She sounds really interesting comedy wise.

All in all, I recommend this MP3 comedy album. You should check out his website and see if he is appearing in your town, Craig is a comic I definitely want to see live.

Nate Craig
Stand-up Comedy MP3 album
Independent Release 2013


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