Currently, the norm for stand-up comedy downloads and CDs is banal biographical material by uninteresting comics. Trying My Hardest by Dave Williamson and its quirky take on fatherhood is a breath of fresh and original air. Trying My Hardest is absolutely worth every penny.

Williamson starts out strong, stating he is so much of a dad that he brings orange slices to pick-up games. I absulutely love The Real Santa where the stand-up resents the credit Santa gets for the good presents. To change the balance, he’s convinced his boys Santa comes down the chimney and takes away presents depending on how good his boys were. A variation of this tactic also applies to the Tooth Fairy.

Anone who has changed a diaper will bust a gut listening to Poop Jokes

Trying My Hardest by Dave Williamson has the now mandatory bit about being on the road. To his credit, the stand-up’s story about going to the park with his boys makes this routine something special. The story about taking his son to a basketball game and the embarassment that followed is brilliant.

Dave Williamson’s stand-up comedy download ends with three long-form routines. The first is the story of how he got his pilot’s license and how this gives him no confidence when taking the plane. The second is being on the safety patrol at school and the discovery his mom was always watching.

The closer, Trying My Hardest, is a great road story with the difference that Williamson has his family with him. It is a very good story with a superb punchline.

Trying My Hardest
Dave Williamson
Stand-up Comedy download
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