Chiweenie in a Tank Top by queer Canadian stand-up comic Deanne Smith is great fun to listen to. Smith is an immediately likeable comic and their stand-up comedy download album takes the listener on an interesting journey through Smith’s life experiences.

Smith opens with a very original bit on how advertisers addressed women in the past and now pander to them as semi super-heroes but are just as condescending. This is followed by their take on being a dog owner.

Chiweenie in a Tank Top also includes a story about gay empowerment with a great conclusion (that could never happen on Air Canada). Deanne Smith’s realization they look like their mom makes for a great observational bit that is enhanced by how intimate the crowd is.

There is also a great bit on philosophically questioning your own existence. Smith has the chops and smarts to make something this usually dry easily relatable and understandable that somehow successfully segues into material on male and female genitalia.

Deanne Smith Chiweenie in a Tank Top also features a solid bit on performing in an odd venue. This leads into a very adult bit that somehow does not jar the listener.

The one lesser track is the story of Deanne Smith meeting John Hamm from The Office. If you are a fan of The Office this story may be of interest but I think it does not go well with the much more interesting stories the comic tells.

Chiweenie with a Tank Top by Canadian stand-up comic Deanne Smith is original and highly enjoyable.

Chiweenie in a Tank Top
Deanne Smith
Stand-up Comedy Download
800 Pound Gorilla Records 2023

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