Geoffrey Asmus trademarks himself as “The Only Funny White Comedian in America”. Based on his comedy special The Only Funny White Man Full Alpha Comedy Special, Asmus is a solid middle act.

The Alpha in the show’s title refers to a neon sign he bought and had installed on the wall behind him. Three quarters into his set he gets someone to turn it off for a couple of minutes to indicate he is going to be less … something. I didn’t see the difference in the material.

Filmed in Minneapolis, Asmus opens with some local reference jokes and crowd work that get the audience on side.

I must admit the show is well-written and flows quite well. Asmus does short bits that include ice fishing, college degrees, religion, small towns, and comedy during covid. He introduces his segment on abortion as controversial and it is, kind of. I must say it is funny.

Geoffrey Asmus also does a couple of tricks for the crowd. He challenges them to name a country and gives them the capital. He also has a very short segment where it’s name a president and get a factoid on him.

The Only Funny White Man Full Alpha Comedy Special closes with a segment on sex. Like the rest of the show it is funny but just okay funny not hilarious or anything like that.

Production values for this stand-up comedy special are okay, not more. You get profile shots of Asmus that leave three quarters of the screen black, shots of the shadow of an audience member in a dark void, and a couple of cut to black moments.

The Only Funny White Man Full Alpha Comedy Special
Geoffrey Asmus
Independent release 2023
51 minutes

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