Fart Safari 3 Fart Hard With a Vengeance is an unfortunate title for Doug Mellard’s latest offering. A title like Fart Safari suggests lowbrow bodily function related stand-up comedy. This stand-up comedy download and CD is far from being lowbrow. Mellard may not be a philosopher comic but he is a lot more interesting and funnier than most comics out there.

Although this comedy album opens with airplane jokes, good ones at that, the material gets better after that. Topics include tandem sky diving and getting the wrong partner, a Subway themed bachelor party, a very bizarre first dance set up at a wedding, and the dangers of drinking and reading. The latter is a personal fave.

I was quite partial to Penny and the Squirrel. Here Doug Mellard’s dog realizes its dream of catching a squirrel. It does not turn out to be be experience Mellard thought it would be. You will never hear or look at a squeaky toy the same way.

Fart Safari 3 includes some excellent short bits such as going to a medieval restaurant, apocalyptic movies, and being an emergency contact.

Doug Mellard Fart Safari 3 Fart Hard With a Vengeance is another solid stand-up comedy CD from Stand Up! Records

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Fart Safari 3
Fart Hard With a Vengeance
Doug Mellard
Stand-up comedy CD and download
Stand Up! Records 2020

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