Our Top Ten comedy downloads and CDs for 2020. As usual, no special order aside from Number 1.

Glenn Wool – Viva Forever – Stand Up! Records

When an offbeat stand-up comic meets his perfect audience you get a comedy gem like Glenn Wool Viva Forever. Full Review

Laurel and Hardy – The Definitive Restorations – Kit Parker Films / MVD

4 DVD set, an absolute must for comedy fans, film buffs, and, of course, afficionados of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Full Review

Pete Johannson – Passive Agressive Suicide Boy – Cottage Country Comedy

Pete Johansson can get serious but still be very funny. The title track is brilliant. His bit whether or not thinking about suicide is the same thing as being suicidal is a must. Full Review

Wendy Maybury – She’s Not From Around Here – Stand Up! Records

Maybury has an energy and persona that makes this Mp3 comedy download a happy listening experience in addition to the prerequisite laughs. Full Review

Jimmy Shubert – Zero Tolerance – Stand Up! Records

A new stand-up comedy download album by Jimmy Shubert is always a treat. Full review

Dwayne Kennedy – Who the Hell is Dwayne Kennedy – Oak Head Records

Dwayne Kennedy is a great stand-up comic. This comic simply blows away a San Francisco room of “liberals, fake liberals, wannabe liberals”. I cannot recommend this comedy album enough. Full Review

Darren Frost – Story Yelling – comedywhore.com

Darren Frost Story Yelling

No top ten is complete without a Darren Frost release. Story Yelling is now my favorite of his downloads because the comic finally has an audience willing and able to go along for the ride.  Full review

Cherith Fuller – Cool, Chill Girl – Jabroni Records

anybody who enjoys smart, well-written and told comic material will enjoy this MP3 album. Full Review

Kelli Dunham – Not the Gym Teacher – Comedy For People

There is an honesty and generosity in the routines that make them superior to most of what I have heard in the genre. Full Review

Number 10 on our Top Ten Comedy albums for 2020 goes to those comedy albums we could not review because the label (hello, Gorilla Records, aspecialthing, and Blonde Medicine to name a few) will not allow review downloads. I am not a crook and cannot abide streaming links.


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    When an offbeat stand-up comic meets his perfect audience you get a comedy gem like Glenn Wool Viva Forever.
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  • 39
     You do have to be in the mood to appreciate a ranting stand-up comic. If you are, there are none better than Jimmy Shubert. I’ve liked Shubert since I saw him years ago at Just For Laughs and heard his bit on the singing conjoined twins. A new stand-up…
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    Solid comedy CD by an agressive and very funny comic.
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    Glenn Wool s declamatory style takes a bit of getting used to and is a matter of taste. It is worth getting used to.
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     Creator, I Am But A Pawn is a brilliant performance and stand-up comedy download by comic Glenn Wool. Autobiographical stand-up is a dime a dozen, especially lately. Glenn Wool on the other hand uses this material to paint a much bigger picture that cannot but resonate with the listener.…
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