Stand-up comic Slade Ham was nice enough to give us access to a pre-release version of his new independent release stand-up comedy CD Redemption.

Aside from a few sound glitches here and there (it was a pre-release version) Redemption is an absolutely solid comedy CD but not for the faint of heart.

Redemption was taped in front of a very warm and appreciative audience in Fort Worth, Texas. To say Slade Ham slayed ‘em would not only be an atrocious pun but the simple truth. You only wish this audience had been miked so you too can hear some of their comments and verbal reactions. Ham is a tell the truth, dark, observational comic who spares no one. Perhaps there are a couple too many fat jokes but his range more than makes up for that.

Redemption begins with an observation on how non-smokers have become unbearable and just another sign we live in a childproof world. Ham is very good at interacting with the audience so those bits, though not perfect sound wise, are quite fun. He also tells funny stories such as the Banana Lady and minor political commentary such as his take on Abu Graib.

You cannot possibly to stand-up in Texas without talking about rednecks. Ham’s take on rednecks is not the nice Jeff Foxworthy version and much more the trailer trash park view. Other targets are nerds who dress up to a Star Wars premiere, California disasters, and, of course, relationships.

No doubt the best of the very good bits on Redemption by Slade Ham is Slade vs. Screech where he tells the story of appearing on the same bill as Dustin Diamond (of Saved By The Bell fame). This is the only time I have ever heard one comic put down another comic on his funny CD.

Some listeners will definitely be uncomfortable with Ham’s very laidback attitude towards drinking and drinking and driving, others with the fat jokes, others with something else. Then again, this is a very funny comic whose set is not successful if he hasn’t made you squirm once.

Slade Ham
Stand-Up Comedy CD
Independent Release
Parental Advisory

Track list:


Childproof World
Somebody’s Bachelorette
Banana Lady
Abu Graib
Fat Race
Star Wars
AA Meeting and Tambourinist
California Old Roy
Slade vs. Screech
Testicular Cancer
We Fight A Lot
Women Are Wild Animals


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