Bill Engvall’s New All Stars of Country Comedy
2 DVD set68 minutes and 55 minutes
Starlight Home Entertainment
Distributed by KOCH Canada

Bill Engvall’s New All Stars of Country Comedy is a very good 2 DVD set for any fan of the Blue Collar Comedy comics, southern humor, redneck jokes, and, of course, here’s your sign moments. This DVD set is also available individually but you would be hard pressed to justify getting one without the other so might as well go for the double DVD package.

Filmed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, DVD One features a short appearance by the great Jeff Foxworthy who does his Nascar and Jeff Gordon story as well as a couple of you might be a redneck jokes. His buddy Bill Engvall acts as master of ceremonies and introduces other comics of the deep fried comedy tradition. First up and the weakest set is by Gary Mule Deer. This guy is unfortunately all over the place and tells jokes most of us have heard quite a few times before including from Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion and Lake Wobegon fame. Fortunately, Engvall comes to the rescue with a series of family jokes before introducing the very humorous Henry Cho, probably the only Korean comic to come out of the deep south. Another down is Steve Hall and Shotgun Red, a ventriloquist who moves his lips so badly even the huge microphone he uses does not disguise the fact. His puppet is an old codger who tells jokes he heard a long, long time ago.

The pace picks up again with Etta Mae, a frumpy housewife similar in many ways to the character of Edith Prickley of SCTV fame. Mae’s specialty is humor about raising teenagers. This is a highly enjoyable set. Next is the very funny Steve McGrew who does a few of the bits from his Too Much Man For One Woman comedy cd. This is a solid set. Watching all these stand up comedians from the south will also demonstrate how many of them enjoy poking fun at Wal Mart, relatives, drinking, and shopping with your kids or your wife.

DVD 2 of New All Stars of Comedy was also filmed in Nashville. Bill Engvall introduces the very funny Larry the Cable Guy who does material available on his first cd Lord, I Apologize. He is followed by the Craig Hawksley, a veteran comic who works the art of the recall to perfection and covers humorous material such as male pattern baldness, living with women, and ends with a killer bit where, using only sound effects, mime, and very few words he shows you the skill it takes to drive an old car. Just this bit makes this DVD worth watching.

There are Black redneck comics around and Earl David Reed delivers a fast-paced fairly raunchy, and solid set. The next standup comedian on this DVD is Lonesome Dave who uses a guitar as a bit of a prop and does a semi country comedy song about when you sent your husband to the supermarket. This is good stuff, again.

The show closes with Killer Beaz whose family jokes and funny stories about playing golf with his wife will make you laugh out loud.

This two DVD set is a recommended for any fan of comedy.


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