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Flip on a Ship
Flip Schultz
Stand-up comedy CD or download
Independent release
Available at comic’s website

Perhaps I am wrong but my impression is stand-up comics do not advertise they perform on cruise ships. Cruise ship comedy probably has clear limits as to content and language so as to please everybody and some comics may believe advertising the fact they do those gigs takes off some of the edge they normally have on land. This is a many ports call to get to a review of Flip on a Ship, the CD comic Flip Schultz recorded during his cruise gigs in part so the audience could have something to take home with them.

I have always been a fan of Flip Schultz, as the many review links at the bottom show. Flip on a Ship features two solid performances by a comic you can safely put your money on for a good show. This said, this CD shows the limitations of a cruise ship show: you have to interact nicely with the audience, you have to be audience friendly, and you have to be very aware of the audience reaction to the material.

Fortunately, these limitations are not so constraining for Schultz who has always been an audience friendly and immediately likeable comic.

The material on Flip on a Ship is biographical and observational. A lot of the observational material is related to life on a cruise ship and the audience in the room. The biographical material is about the comedian’s childhood and marriage. Long-time Schultz fan will recognize a couple of bits from past comedy CDs but 95% of the material is original.

Less impressive are the closing tracks of this stand-up comedy CD where Schultz improvises songs based on audience suggestions of movies that should be Broadway musicals and in what musical genre this musical should be. The bits are decent enough but not much more.

Drop by the Flip Schultz website (there’s a link on top) for updates and other comedy CDs

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