It is impossible not to enjoy Despair II: Social Justice Warlord by stand-up comic Adam Quesnell. Yes, Quesnell is all over the place on this stand-up comedy download but he somehow makes it work. This CD also shows how the seeming superficiality of some of his routines hide a relevant point.

Quesnell opens with a great bit on why there are so few Yelp reviews on the one place we’ve all been: the womb. He then writes his own and sets up one of the greatest call-backs I have ever heard.

Though his Trump commentary is banal, this comic’s real passion shows through on a long bit on McDonald’s all-day breakfast and how long it took to add the biscuit to that offering.

Originalists like Brett Kavanaugh would do well to listen to Social Justice Warlord. Adam Quesnell really nails the stupidity of that take on the Constitution. This segues nicely into The Biggest Fear of a White Idiot which is a smartly veiled comment on racism in the U.S.

Things get silly again in the stand-up comedy bit on the difference between a baby ghost and a ghost baby.

Despair II: Social Justice closes brilliantly with a bit on science and pregnant women which brings us back to the womb bit that opens this stand-up comedy album.

Despair II: Social Justice Warlord
Adam Quesnell
Stand-up comedy download and CD
Stand Up! Records 2018

Also by Adam Quesnell: Can We Afford This Much Despair?

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