Ribbed For Your Pleasure is the second stand-up comedy CD by stand-up comedian Flip Schultz.

It features eleven tracks of the comic performing live as well as five funny radio sketches and 4 fun songs. This is yet another generous and very humorous release by a very good standup artist.

This funny CD opens strong with The New Elmo, an interesting sado-masochist take on the talking Sesame Street monster and his friends. It gets even better. Schultz is mostly an observational and biographical comic who is not afraid of mixing it up with the audience (unfortunately, as on a majority of such CDs you do not get the audience’s repartee). Many comedy artists use their own life and experiences as the basis for a routine or two; fortunately Flip makes it original, funny, and interesting. There are quite a few laughs at this expense on this stand-up comedy CD. Observation wise, he also manages to be original. His take on news shows and their dramatic ratings specials is right on the money. Although original material about New Jersey is rare, Schultz’s take on hurricanes and the more and more diverse names given to them will definitely make you laugh.

Of course, no comedic recording made in Florida can bypass the mess of the 2000 election. Again, the jokes on this topic on this comedy compact disc are varied, funny, and interesting. You would think Schultz would be too young to do material about kids today but he figures he is not and he is right. The material about white kids in the Bible Belt dressing up as gangstas is very good. Why I love My Job, the penultimate live track is also very good and Schultz’ suggestion about getting a job you can afford to quit just to be able to quit it in style is a great suggestion. Track 10 also has the only weak segment on this CD, the bit about flying. The Harrods bit that follows makes up for it in spades. The closing track, a speculation on what the Australian crocodile guy will sound like in a few years and reality TV and video shows makes for a strong close.

The fun does not end here on Flip Schultz Ribbed For Your Pleasure. Following the comedy routine are five studio sketches. Although they are all enjoyable, The Rude Couple certainly stands out as superior. The only bad thing about this part of the CD is the bit Who’s Playing First? an excellent musically themed remake of Abbott and Costello’s Who’s On First, is much too short (then again, it is hard to see how far anybody else could have gone with it) and would have been even funnier with two comics.

Not being major fans of the funny song genre, the four musical tracks that close this CD impress less. Still, the sound quality for these tracks (as for the entire CD) is excellent and the comedian definitely has a good singing voice, musical talent, and the ability to make a good funny tune.

Ribbed for your PLeasure
Flip Schultz
stand-up comedy CD

Track List:

The New Elmo
Why Relationships Suck
My Sex Life
Keeping Healthy
Hurricanes and Jersey
Scooter’s Job
2000 Election
Kids Today
Why I Love My Job

Radio Bits:

The Rude Couple
Snoop Doggy Dogg’s Kiddie Songs
The XXX Men
Who’s Playing First?
How the Schmuck Stole Channukkah

Funny Song:

The Lox Song
My Baby
She Drank


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