Flippin’ Through the Channels is the first independent release stand-up comedy CD by Flip Schultz, a high energy comic.

He is perhaps better known for some of his later releases such as Ribbed For Your Pleasure (Laugh), his funny CD Super Dork! and companion indie DVD What Are You Laughing At? (all reviewed on this site thanks to Schultz’ generosity). So, this review is probably tainted a bit by the fact that although this is the first release, this is the last CD we reviewed.

This is a solid comedy CD. Schultz is a high-energy stand-up comic and this becomes obvious when listening to him. Unlike later releases where each comedic genre is neatly separated on the cd, Flippin’ Through the Channels mixes studio bits and songs with live club recordings. One of these studio bits, The News, is a sophomoric evening news bit about poop. The three imitation public service commercials are funny enough. The songs, “Turn Me On” as sung supposedly by Bill Gates and “My Very Best Friend” are not as strong as later material on later cds (our fault).

This comedian is not afraid of interacting with the audience, a definite strength of his that he displays in the intro track and Jobs and Hip Hop. Most original is Smurfs & Drugs that includes the explanation as to why all the Smurfs are blue and a nice riff on drugs.

It is interesting in retrospect to see how little response this stand up gets when he asks how many people are on the internet on Internet and Television.. Thankfully, Flip Schultz gets his audience to relate and laugh. This track also included weird moments on television, a skit much expanded in a future release. Also funny is Accents and England. This comedy club set closes with a track titled Gay Dictator. Solid stuff again and a neat example of the recall when something Schultz referred to at the very beginning of his set has a payoff on the last track.

Flippin’ Through the Channels
Flip Schultz
stand-up comedy CD
Independent Release

Track list:

Relationships and Jew Stuff
PSA #1
The News
Jobs & Hip-Hop
Turn Me On
Smurfs & Drugs
PSA #2
Porno and Bloopers
Internet & Television
My Very Best Friend
Accents & England
PSA #3
The Gay Dictator


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