I did not expect much from a Gallagher stand-up comedy album.

His claim to fame is smashing watermelons. Listening to his new comedy CD I Am Who I Pretend To Be, I could not but wonder why he had been wasting his talent all this time. The album shows Gallagher is a smart comic whose intellectual curiosity creates some really interesting and funny routines.

Those who appreciate language humor will listen to the ten-minute The French routine near the end of the show. I Am Who I Pretend To Be closes with what is supposed to be a bonus track, Words of Wisdom, where Gallagher presents a few philosophical observations with a sitar accompaniment.

Also quite interesting is Gallagher’s spoonfork comments on various things that are bad compromises or ideas and Confusion on expressions that make little sense such as “getting your ducks all in a row”.

Even standard men vs. women material benefits from Gallagher‘s take on things.

This album really does make you wonder about the watermelon option. Then again, when Michael Caine was asked about some of his questionable movie choices such as Jaws: The Revenge, he supposedly answered, “I’ve never seen it, but this is the house it paid for and I like it very much.”  I think Gallagher can say the same thing.

I Am Who I Pretend To Be
Comedy CD or MP3
Uproar! 2014

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