Serious comedy fans will be happy to hear Gallagher’s first comedy album, Gallagher Live is now available as a CD or download.

For those familiar with this comic, it is the show with the woman who laughs like a seal and with whom the comedian has a lot of fun. The show also proves that this guy is or was much more than just a watermelon smashing prop comic.

Gallagher is a one liner comic with pithy observations about a variety of topics “farmers leach nutrients from the soil; cities put down parking lots and the asphalt seals in the nutrients.  Not all of them are particularly profound and some have adult references. The show itself is not dated aside from a  couple of references like California’s Proposition 13 in 1978 and the Arabs track that refers to the oil crisis.

There has been a bit of controversy around Gallagher and racist material recently. It is interesting that after a bit about dingleballs in flying saucers an audience member asks the comedian if he has something against Mexicans. Gallagher’s answer is pretty good. Maybe people were less anal back then.

A vast majority of the material has aged well. This makes for a very good comedy mp3 album. It is even better though if you were around back then.

Gallagher Live
Comedy MP3 Album
Originally released 1980
Comedy Dynamics 2014

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