Local Man Moves To The City: Loose Talk From The American Radio Company goes back to 1990 – 1991 when Garrison Keillor hosted a show out of New York City called The American Radio Company.

This was after the original Prairie Home Companion show which ran from July 1974 to June 1987 which he stopped doing for a while to go to Denmark. When he came back, he did The American Radio Company show out of New York from 1989 to 1992 before returning to A Prairie Home Companion and Minnesota in1993.

There was no a lot of difference between the Prairie Home Companion and The American Radio Company shows. Listeners of Local Man Moves To The City will find the same kind of format, tone, and humor that have made Garrison Keillor a favorite in many households and News From Lake Wobegon a must listen to segment of his show. Aside from the opening theme song, this Garrison Keillor comedy CD is all monologues, no funny skits and All Alone, the only song on this CD. The monologues here are original and do not feature the kind of somewhat preachy tone Keillor now uses in some of his tales. He also does not repeat elements of old monologues to built what is supposed to be a new one.

The three News From Lake Wobegon tracks are different from what you are used to on the Prairie Home Companion show. These stories are much more urban in tone and, in the case of Driving In The City, setting. Mother, Eloise, & Kent is about a young woman having a child out of wedlock. Blue Plastic is a bit more adult in content as it involves being caught outside in a hot tub and having to walk to the neighbor’s to get back into your guest’s home.

Liking New York is a very funny story about the wonders of the big apple. Death in January is a transition back to the United States after some time spent in Denmark. Thoreau On The Subway is basically how the entire world can be found on the New York Subway.

The closing track on the Lake Wobegon  comedy CD Local Man Moves To The City is a fun story about how a family reacts when people show up unannounced. It is almost a stand-up comedy bit.

Local Man Moves To The City is another really good Garrison Keillor release and being able to get in on CD will certainly please many fans who chucked all their tapes a while back.

The cassette version of Local Man Moves To The City contains (or contained) 2 extra tracks: Monthly Meeting of the Loon Club and No Radio Click here for our Garrison Keillor page

Local Man Moves to the City
Garrison Keillor
HighBridge Audio 2005
75 minutes

Track List

 Local Man Moves to the City mp3 album at Amazon:

Tishomingo Blues

Liking New York

News From Lake Wobegon: Driving In The City

Death In January

News From Lake Wobegon: Mother, Eloise, & Kent

All Alone

Thoreau On The Subway

News From Lake Wobegon: Blue Plastic

True Elegance


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