BradChad Porter has said that when he was young he practiced comedy legend Sam Kinison s famous scream in the mirror.  On his stand-up comedy CD Yelling at Giants, it is clear that Porter listened intently to the attitude, but not the revolutionary material that came with it.

This downloadable comedy CD has many flaws with it, but not all of them are Porter’s fault.  The audience from the get-go is not reactive at all to the jokes.  While this may seem like a knock against the comedian for not reeling them in better, it would be unfair to completely blame Porter for this.  They were equally unresponsive to his good jokes as they were for his bad ones.  Unfortunately for Porter, though, he was clearly shaken by it.  His delivery and timing was completely thrown off by seemingly unexpected silence.  This strained his material and his set altogether, so I’m guessing that a lot of the unfunny is due more to lack of experience than lack of grade-A material.  Enough of that explanation, on to the jokes!

BradChad Porter has many good moments on Yelling at Giants, moments that are likely to make the listener laugh out loud.  Unfortunately there are too many lulls in the comedy to keep the listener engaged.  Many of his jokes are based on his recent divorce from his wife, and while there are good points, most of these jokes fail and make him sound plain bitter.  In fact, a lot of his angry jokes make him sound bitter for no real reason.  Listeners may find themselves wondering if he borrowed some of the material from Lewis Black’s trashcan.  His use of profanity doesn’t add anything except highlight anger that was already more than obvious.

I’m reluctant to turn my back on BradChad Porter, because it seems like he had so many elements working against him.  There are hints of brilliance, like during his jokes about Dirty Talk in pornography, but then there are serious lags, like when he talks about shitting his pants (go figure).  So while I think that Porter has the potential to be a quality headliner, this download comedy CD indicates that he is not quite there yet.

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