Listening to MC Mr. Napkins is like listening to the comically terrible character Kenny Brania from Seinfeld trying musical comedy.  MC Mr. Napkins is of course not the comedian’s real name, but instead a stage name for Zach Sherwin.  After listening to The Album, I’m not surprised he hides his real name.  Track after track of  this comedy MP3 download is pure drivel.

Zach Sherwin mixes uninspiring rap beats with boring word play to make the listener really anticipate the next song.  Unfortunately, that next song is no better.

The subjects of his raps vary from the controversial topic of smoothies to the sphygmomanometer (listen to the album and you’ll see how he has an odd obsession with this word).  He may be the only comedian to ever think that Benito Mussolini’s name was ripe material for a three and a half minute joke.
Sherwin even manages to turn decent, potentially funny subject matter into a drawn out, stupid joke.  This is shown in his track about the pilot who crash-landed in the Hudson Bay and the track mocking Notorious BIG’s “Where Brooklyn at” chant.  They both could be funny if handled right, but they were ruined by his music and terrible rhymes.

To be fair, there were a few points in The Album that were mildly amusing, but still don’t expect to laugh out loud much, if at all, and kiss any chance for a gut-buster good-bye.  For him to be named Boston’s Best Comedian of 2009 by the Boston Phoenix is a slap in the face to the city that has raised comedic icons such as Steven Wright, Louis CK, and Conan O’Brien.

In the end, this Zach Sherwin comedy album has about as little substance as you could find in a 43 minute album, and the quality of musical satire/parody would be the equivalent of Weird Al, if Weird Al ever released a Worst Hits album.  Bottom line, if you’re considering buying this album, save your money.

MC Mr. Napkins
Zach Sherwin
Funny Song Comedy MP3 download
Comedy Central Records 2010

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