CJ Harlow Coming Clean is a consistently funny and and consistently clean stand-up comedy album.

Such a thing is not as easy to come by as you would think.  Harlow is a comic from Kentucky who does the kind of stand-up Foxworthy became famous for but in bits that rarely last more than ninety seconds. This allows the comic to cover a lot of topics but there are a couple of routines I wish had been expanded a bit. The one negative point about this CD is the two second pause between tracks that really breaks the flow.

Harlow has a very wide range. For example there is a reference to Angry Birds not too far from a reference to the Oregon Trail board game. The CD features blue collar style material, a too short piece about tailgaiting, some material about being a poor comic, some interacting with the audience that shows Harlow is on top of his game, TV  I bits, and so on and so on.

There are a couple of bits I wish had been explored further, such as the one on the board game.

This stand-up comedy CD is very entertaining and features no topic that is really adult audience. Anyone who gets CJ Harlow Coming Clean is in for a very good time.

Coming Clean
CJ Harlow
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release 2012

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