Adam Cayton-Holland Performs His Signature Bits is a decent comedy download album.

It is not, as the comic claims a “lesson in alt comedy” and few of the tracks here are what you could call signature bits.   In fact, there is only one truly memorable track on this album. The rest is what you can pretty much expect from a biographical comic in his thirties.

The really special routine on this comedy album is Ballad of Jake the Roadie, an eleven-minute story about how the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should hire burned out roadies as tour guides. This is interesting, original, funny, a little dark, and worth listening to a few times to get all the nuances.

The rest of Adam Cayton-Holland Performs His Signature Bits from Comedy Central Records is standard fare about being in a relationship and the issues it raises. The better track is when the comic talks about his tendency to talk in his sleep and the questions it raises in his wife’s mind.

The comic kind of drops the ball in his bit about Harper Lee and the reaction to her new novel Go Set a Watchman. I expected more relevant commentary on this topic than what Adam Cayton-Holland delivers.

Performs His Signature Bits is a decent comedy MP3 album. Maybe those in the comic’s demographic will appreciate it more.

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Performs His Signature Bits
Adam Cayton-Holland
Stand-up comedy download album
Comedy Central Records 2018

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