A YouTube star, GoRemy is a hit among generation OMG with his comedy rap videos about an array of subjects.  His first music comedy CD, titled, the CD, came out in 2009 with 19 tracks of songs.

A year and a half later, The Falafel Album comes out with only six, and after listening to them, it’s clear that GoRemy should have waited until he could come up with something better.

Coming from a fan of classic and hard rock, the beats on GoRemy The Falafel Album are pretty good, but that’s about it.  The lyrics are just nonsense without substance.  Just because you can make two words about the same subject rhyme does not mean that you are fit for comedy.  Curious to see how he became a hit on YouTube, I went to his page and watched the videos of the songs that I had just listened to.  Now I know.  While the audio cannot stand on its own, it works on the internet, because he can actually direct an amusing video.  It’s clear, though, that his brand of humor is geared towards teenagers.  It’s more silly and unconventional than your typical comedy music.

There was one redeeming track though, the Passive Aggressive Love Song.  The concept alone is very amusing, and the song doesn’t disappoint.  It doesn’t redeem Go Remy The Falafel Album nearly enough to make the CD worth listening to, especially if you are not a fan of music comedy.  And if you are a fan, I would still highly recommend watching GoRemy’s YouTube videos instead of listening to the album.

Worst Track: The Metro
Best Track: Passive Aggressive Love Song

The Falafel Album
Music Comedy CD
Comedy Central Records 2010

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