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The Best of Adam Sandler
Saturday Night Live
2010 Reissue with 20 minutes extra footage
97 minutes plus extras

The Best of Saturday Night Live is not a phrase you see and readily believe. In the case of the Adam Sandler Saturday Night Live comedy sketches on this compilation DVD Best Of is quite appropriate. This is a re-release of the original DVD with some 20 minutes of additional sketches as bonus features: Canteen Boy Monologue, Red-Hooded Sweatshirt, Thanksgiving Song, Cajun Man NCAA, Cajun Man Mardi Gras, Halloween Costumes I, Halloween Costumes II.

No doubt Adam Sandler fans will not really have a problem forking over a few bucks for these previously unavailable sketches. Another solution would be to ask for this comedy DVD as a present; it is after all quite enjoyable.

Adam Sandler was very good on Saturday Night Live and the 19 skits (not including those in the special features section) DVD generally prove it. The opening Christmas Son is fun. Other good bits include Springsteen with Courteney Cox, Lunch Lady Song,   The opera Man bits are fun but some references are dated.

Some skits on this DVD more than extend their joke and welcome; this is a common problem with Saturday Night Live. These include Gap Girls, Canteen Boy, The Denise Show, and Room Service. Especially awful is Grandma with Chris Farley and Michael Keaton.

Skits on this SNL DVD also include Mike Myers, David Spade, Chris Farley, Kevin Nealon, and Jon Lovitz.

This is a fun sketch comedy DVD reissue.

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