John Valby is rude, lewd, crude, talented, moronic, sophomoric, funny, frat house IQ’d, obscene, defamatory, salacious, sexist, mean, and very funny. If you are a sensitive soul avoid this funny song comedy CD; the shock therapy you will need to get over it will be beyond Bill Gates’ means. If you like your humor extreme and like a comic for whom nothing and no one is sacred, Operation: F*ck Iraq is right up your dark alley. Recorded live in Connecticut, the16 songs on Operation: F*ck Iraq skewer everybody and everything.

If you are not familiar with the very talented John Valby, imagine a whiskey-voiced absolutely politically incorrect version of the Capitol Steps with more four-letter words that Dubya can handle. Valby takes well-known songs and literally trashes the original lyrics. Track two, the beloved Beatles’ Penny Lane now begins with these immortal lyrics: “Peter Townsend got in trouble showing photographs… Porno Lane is in my ears ….” Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious becomes Super…. Every time I lick your buns I get halitosis.” Operation: F*ck Iraq was recorded in the first days of the war in Iraq so it is very topical and very partisan. The crowd was obviously composed of inebriated, college-aged students who were very familiar with John Valby’s great hits such as Skeeter, Roll Your Leg Over, and Ya-Ya. There are, of course, many new and very funny songs on this irreverent independent release comedy CD.

The only problem I have with John Valby Operation: F*ck Iraq is not that it most certainly felt like a guilty pleasure (the kind your soul will rot in hell forever) but that the sound quality and production could have been a little more polished. Sound wise, John Valby’s funny song CD sounds slightly better than your average bootleg recording. Production wise, the tracks cut off abruptly. Oh yeah, if you listen to this comedy CD a couple of times, the *&^% songs stick in your mind like __________ to a __________ (insert favorite simile here).

John Valby
Operation F*ck Iraq
funny song CD
Very Mature Content

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