Considering Urban Myth Comedy Storytelling features 7 different comics, is just under an hour long, and is less than 7 dollars on Amazon, I feel a bit cheap saying this stand-up comedy MP3 album is only okay.

Perhaps I am not as enthused as I wanted to be because I am a big fan of the storytelling form when it comes to stand-up so expected more from this release than I do from others. Cheap or not, this release is only okay.

The comics featured on Urban Myth Comedy Storytelling are D.C. Benny, Vic Henley, Dean Edwards, Jess Wood, Big Jay Oakerson, and Ben Bailey.

The best track here is Vic Henley\s story about another comedian and an irate fan at London’s Comedy Store. This is a full-fledged story with a solid payoff. Oakerson’s story about playing Winnie the Pooh at a drug dealer’s house (which for some reason is titled Escort For Strippers) and  D.C. Benny’s story about his racist uncle are both pretty good.

Where this comedy mp3 album does not quite work is some of the stories go nowhere. This is the case for Jess Wood’s story about being a chick in a Hispanic gang. She has a good base but does not make you care about losing her skirt at a party.

Dean Edwards has a story about he and his wife meeting Denzel. Yeah? So?  Benny also has a short yarn about being in the movie Illegal Tender which is also pretty lame.

Most irritating is the post-set backstage chatter. The sound is shitty and the conversations pointless. If the idea was to give the listener a taste of what it’s like, the idea failed.

Urban Myth Comedy Storytelling
Various Artists
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album
BSeenMedia 2013
52 minutes


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