Hampton Yount
Stand-up Comedy MP3 download
Independent release 60 minutes

There are not many pay what you will  free comedy MP3 albums out there and fewer are worth even the download time. A glaring exception to this observation is Hampton Yount and his CD Unbearable available here. The comedy is solid, original, and covers a very wide range of topics –something even veteran comics sometimes fail to do. The sound is as good as you will get on a big label production. Yeah, yeah, there is adult language. Unbearable is superb.

Nothing on Unbearable sounds like something you’ve heard before. The opener about growing up in a small town and the annual low-budget carny is great. This segues into a great routine about the board games Life (“Awright! I got a mortgage and two kids. … Wait. I’m winning?” and Clue.

Hampton Yount makes even a threadbare topic like commercials find new laughs. The comic has a definite nerd streak as demonstrated in his Star Wars bit. Even those vaguely aware of this movie will appreciate the joke about the retired storm trooper on his porch.

Also original, excellent, and funny are the observation Obama is like the cool kid in high school who gets elected and then realizes the principal and Illuminati have all the power and  the other “conspiracy theories”.

Perhaps the funniest, edgiest, and caustic bit on Hampton Yount’s Unbearable is the one about racism in porn. This stand-up bit is really well written and its biting commentary eloquent. If this is a sign to come, this comic is going to top some of the great greats.

Unbearable circles back to jokes about small town living.

Hampton Yount Unbearable is an excellent pay what you will and worth more than what you will pay comedy MP3 album. Get it. The next one will be on a major label and cost a lot more than what most of you will donate.

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