Welcome To Somerville! And if we are to believe local comic Michael Somerville, population growing. This is a very good independent stand-up comedy CD by an excellent young stand-up comic who is both original in his take on mundane things and already adept at the segue and the recall and not somebody you want to heckle. Somerville also proves you can work clean and be very funny.

From the get go you know you are in good hands with this comic. He immediately establishes a friendly rapport with the audience with jokes about cocktails, drinking, and ATMs in bars and already sets up a recall joke.

Somerville does not break any new comedic ground on Welcome To Somerville. His observational and autobiographical comedy relies on relationship jokes and funny stories about himself and his family to work. What makes this standup comedian interesting is that his takes are fresh and original. Unlike many young comics, Somerville knows exactly when to stop milking s subject or a joke. This explains why most of the tracks on this comedy CD are less than 2 minutes long. For example the Food bit runs only a minute fourteen but he manages to cover food, the difference between men and women when it comes to food, and his own love for it. The same thing can be said about all the other tracks. Another example is Clothes, short at 2 minutes and 3 seconds but very, very tight when it comes to how much material is there and how far he goes with it.

A personal favorite on this solid funny CD is Sleep. This is a rarely used topic, original, and funny.

Sound wise, a personal hobbyhorse, Welcome To Somerville is perfect and proof again an independent comic can put together an excellent sounding comedy CD if he or she feels like it.

The only weird thing on this comedy CD is the final track where you hear Somerville’ s dad commenting on his son’s routine. Note to Michael Somerville: Do not listen to your dad, the audience is brighter that he gives it credit for.

Welcome To Somerville
Michael Somerville
Independent Release Comedy CD

Track list:

Manual Labor
Notes From Dad


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