Back in the days where record stores ruled, Above the Fray by Paul Conyers would have found its way in the gospel / christian section. I mean, just look at the cover. Truth be told, Above the Fray is an very entertaining stand-up comedy MP3 download.

Paul Conyers’ strength as a comic is variety. He has a very good bit about rap that seques nicely into how rappers could do covers of pop music. His take on Californians going a bit nuts about thing is solid and cleverly written.

The California material moves into how people outside California, fly over states, have a grudge against the state. The idea of Black Panther II being made in Iowa is really funny and clever.

Bachelor party bits rarely get more than a yawn from me. This is not the case here. This three-parter is well-written and its construction shows how smart Conyers is.

This said, I am not convinced “Hypothetically Speaking” about questions college basketball players ask each other on the road really fits in this set. Conyers inserts it quite smoothly but I got the impression this was an early bit he loves too much to drop.

My one real complaint about Above the Fray by Paul Conyers is the show ends rather abruptly at the end of the bit rappers covering pop music. I like a more elegant finish to my stand-up comedy show and Conyers’ talent set me up for something like that.

This is an Uproar! Comedy release

Above the Fray
Paul Conyers
Stand-up comedy download MP3
Uproar! 2020

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