Kristine Levine’s stand-up comedy album “Hey, Sailor!” is the latest release from the Stand Up! Records label.

As someone who has loved stand-up comedy for more than three decades and who consumes almost every special that is released, I can honestly say that I remain dumbfounded as to how Stand Up! Records continues to put out awesome release after awesome release. Honestly, if you randomly listen to anything put out by this label, there is an upwards of 90% chance it will be brilliant. Kristine Levine’s album is no exception.

Although I have loved stand-up comedy for more than three decades, there have been low points in which I have listened to so many bad specials in a row that I start to get fatigued. Then, an album will come along that reminds me why I love stand-up comedy so much. Kristine Levine’s “Hey, Sailor” is such an album. This album is, in a word, fantastic.

Some of you may know Kristine Levine from her appearances on the sketch comedy show Portlandia. Others may have been lucky enough to catch her live. To others, she may be new to you. Regardless of which camp you fall into, do yourself a favor and pick up this album.

This is typically the part of the review in which I talk in more detail about some of the bits. Honestly, though, I don’t want to risk spoiling anything for the listener by giving away too many details. So, in broad strokes, I will tell you that Kristine talks about the 14 years she spent working in an adult sex shop, and that becomes a running theme throughout the special. She has a hilarious 10-minute bit about Bruce Springsteen that is not to be missed. Dom Irrera has a great bit in which he mentions how people frequently claim that Bruce Springsteen is a nice guy. Dom then points out how wealthy Springsteen is and says that, with that kind of money, he should be nice, and should walk around hugging people. Kristine’s bit Firing the Boss [Explicit] starts off in a similar manner, but she really drills down deep into this concept and mines it for everything it’s worth. The second to last track is about her relationship with her son, and that’s all I will say about that – other than, it’s not to be missed.

Now, click on the album cover or the comedy download link and get this album.

Hey Sailor!
Kristine Levine
Stand-up Comedy CD or download
Stand Up! Records 2018

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Brett Watson

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