Adam Hunter Still Broke is 49 minutes of superb one-liner comedy, 80 seconds of groaner, and 35 seconds of a joke that goes nowhere. That is quite impressive. Most one-liner stand-up comics have a scattershot approach where the barn door gets missed half the time. Hunter does not miss. Adam Hunter is smart, fast-paced but not too much so, and both funny and sometimes on point like in his Trump joke.

What most impresses about Still Broke by Adam Hunter is how varied the comedy is on this download album. Hunter does biographical, political, social, and some very adult material. His material is extremely tight (true, one-liner humor has to be) but flows effortlessly. The segue from UFC’s Ronda Rousey to Bill Cosby is brilliant yet so obvious when you think of it a bit.

Not all the material flows. It would be impossible with this genre of comedy. The trick is to assemble the set so the bricks work together. There are few seams here. This, in part because the audience just wants to follow Hunter wherever he wants to go.

Hunter is original most of the time. There were only a couple of jokes that are variations on one-liner cliches such as “If a Mexican is taking your job …” here the punch is “your job sucks”

Any comedy fan, even those weary of one-liner comedy or fans of the long-form, will enjoy Adam Hunter Still Broke

Still Broke
Adam Hunter
Stand-up comedy download
Uproar! 2018

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