Man of Hazardium
D.J. Hazard
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release
61 minutes
Available at comic’s website

The advantage to a stand-up comedy CD by a veteran comic is you know you are in good hands right from the beginning and you know this will last to the very end. This is very much the case for Man of Hazardium, the independent release by D.J. Hazard. This is excellent, varied, original, funny stuff.

Man of Hazardium is sort of a greatest hits compilation as it features clips from the last twenty years of this comic’s shows. The production values on this stand-up comedy CD are very good; you can barely tell which material is twenty-years old and which was more recently recorded though track 11 does squelch.

D.J. Hazard is absolutely solid. This comic covers a very wide comedy range though he is more into the short joke than the long form. He also has quite the musical talent so there are eight to ten funny songs on this CD. Bruce Springsteen fans will especially enjoy hearing the Boss’ version of I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.

Another good cover is that of Piano Man but the best funny song on this CD has to be Untie My Ankles.

The stand-up comedy is also very good. Track 10, Harmonica, Chairs, Cops, and More Chairs is very good stuff with some short jokes, some observational comedy, and a bit of surreal material.

D.J. Hazard is a great comic live and this CD is a cool way of reliving part of that evening. If you have not seen this stand-up comic live, this independent release will make you want to go see him.


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