Jay Hewlett is one of the very funny people associated with the Damage Control Comedy Crew. Nice Shirt Day! is his independent release comedy CD. This is a decent live recording of a pretty good stand-up comedian that raises a few uncomfortable questions.

The first question is why are there two introductions of the comic on this CD (tracks 1 and 4) and why is some of the very same material repeated twice tracks 1 to 3 and tracks 4 and 6. What gets a few laughs the first time around doesn’t sound fresh the second time around on the very same CD. This is also a detriment because it soon becomes obvious that Jay Hewlett’s interaction with the audience is rehearsed patter and not improvisation based on who is there as one would like to believe. In all things, the audience’s willing suspension of disbelief is at the core of any successful performance and this just kills it.

Once you get over this hurdle and the average sound quality (granted, a personal hobby horse) Jay Hewlett comes across as a good comic with a couple of warmish audiences on recording nights. His take on old people, driving and incompetent drivers, the differences between being a kid back then and what kids are like now, cops on bikes, working at the Olive Garden, sensitivity training, and deceitful advertising are rather funny.

The bonus tracks on Jay Hewlett Nice Shirt Day! are from Damage Control Comedy Crew’s Santa’s Crack, including track 15 which is unlisted but is the Doctor Rose on that CD..

Nice Shirt Day!
Jay Hewlett
Independent Release Comedy CD

Track list:

Old People
Getting To Know You
Pick-up Lines
Big Guys
When I Was A Kid
Cops On Bikes
The Pool
My New Job
Mr. Sensitive
I’m Confused

Bonus Sketch Tracks:

Doctor Rose (unlisted)
PSA – Respect
Ghetto Mart Environment
PSA – Under 18
Santa’s Crack
PSA – Sex
The Job Interview
Celestial Voice
Quit Smoking


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